10/13/2018  and 10/20/2018  Skills Evaluation for Ages 8-17 at

Hamden Hall’s Beckerman Athletic Center on Skiff Street.

AGE AS OF 12/1/18

8:00 AM         8-year-old boys and 8-9-year-old girls

9:00 AM         9-year-old boys and 10-11-year-old girls

10:00 AM       10-year-old boys and 12-15-year-old girls

11:00 AM         11-12-year-old boys

12:00 PM         15-17-year-old boys and 13-14-year-old boys


10/22/2018  and 10/23/2018 Skills Evaluation Ages 5-7 at Bear Path Elementary School AGE AS OF 12/1/18

5:30 PM      5-year-old boys and girls

6:15 PM      6-year-old boys and girls

7:00 PM      7-year-old boys and girls

Other Important Dates

TRAVEL TEAMS-The HRYBL has had travel teams for many years that have played throughout the area. Tryouts for the travel teams will be held on  10/13/2018 and 10/20/2018 at Hamden Hall’s Beckerman Athletic Center on Skiff Street. This is the same day and place as the regular skills evaluations for 8-17 year olds. The tryout schedule is as follows:

Boys 7th grade at 8:00

Boys 4th & 5th Grade at  9:00

Boys 8th grade at 10:00

Boys 6th  at 11:00

Girls 5th and 6th at 12:00


An additional cost of approximately $200 per player is required for travel games and tournaments. Payment is due upon notification the player has made the team.