Common Questions and Answers

   How much does it cost to register a player       

Player Registration is $150.00.
If registration has closed you must register as a wait list player.  The wait list registration fee is $175  Wait list players will be given a full refund if they cannot be placed on a team.

Can my child be placed on the same team as another player for carpool or other reasons or, can my child be placed with a particular coach?

Your child is evaluated and assigned a confidential rating.  Coaches generally draft from the highest rating down so there is parity among teams.  Although coaches are aware of your request during the draft, your child may be selected by another coach before your request can be acted on.  This is unavoidable.

If you know a coach you would like your child to be with, it is suggested that you contact that coach directly and tell them about your request.  There is still no guarantee your child will play with this coach.

A player whose parent or guardian is a coach or assistant coach is guaranteed to play on that team.

Why does your registration form have  "What ONE night can your child NOT practice" on it?  

It is simply impossible for HRYBL to prepare team rosters around the schedules of 500 families.  We recognize that certain obligations are priorities in a family, therefore we ask for the one night that this priority takes place.  We will do our best not to place your child on a team that practices that one evening.

   Why is it important that I give you my email address?

We will send you reminders about tryout dates, practice cancellations,  game cancellations and their reschedule dates, lost and found items, and other important league related information and updates.  We will never share your email address with anyone. 

Is my child guaranteed to be placed on a team that I Sponsor?

Generally your child will play on the team you sponsor, however occasionally the children of two sponsors are placed on the same team.  When this happens our policy is as follows:  

The sponsor form that was received first will secure that team.


Why don't you list practice and game times for each division during registration?

Before we can make any schedule we need to know the number of players that will be in each grade level.  This can only be done after registration is closed. 


 My child was born December 5th.  Would it be OK to play in an older age group, and what tryout age group should I bring him to?

If your child has the ability to play in an older division, he or she more than likely will play up.  We schedule player evaluations at the start of the season to determine ability and team/division placement so teams are balanced.  Our divisions are grade based.

I would like to sign my daughter up for Basketball. What I don't see is any schedule information.  I realize they are not complete, but do you have an idea when practice or games will take place? Is everything on Saturday or is it weeknights also? I don't want to sign up without having some idea what the time commitment is since we are involved in other sports.

There is one (1 hour) practice per week on Monday through Thursday nights. 
           There is also a one hour game on Saturday. Schedules cannot be made until 
           after registration is completed.